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Is 'Walk to School Day' Safe? One Mom Says 'Yes!'

Today is "Walk to School Day." We spoke with Lenore Skenazy, author of Free Range Kids and creator of the free-range parenting movement, after Somer Thompson's murder. Somer is the little girl who was tragically murdered walking home from school last year. Here's what Skenazy had to say.


mom giving daughter some cash
If the goal of school is to do well, it seems only natural to reward our kids when they come home with report cards awash in A's. But is it really such a good idea to give gifts or money? Some experts say no.


49 Kids Die in Hot Cars in U.S. This Year

14-month-old Kimberly James

Over the weekend, yet another child died after being left in a hot car. She was the 49th child in the U.S. to die that way this year. When will it STOP?!


How to Stomp Out Bullying for Good

Thousands of people are wearing blue shirts in an effort to wipe out the most minimized and persistent problem in our schools today.


Help! My Son Is Super Shy

shy boy
My son is shy. And when I say "shy," I mean the kid would be invisible if he could. He hides in closets and under beds, and he sleeps buried beneath his covers, like a mole. When new people come over, he refuses to come out. And when our friends come over that he's known for years (as in, since birth), he stands there like he's on hot coals until he's said his hellos and I let him leave. What is that?! 


Should 4-Year-Olds Be Allowed to Attend Kindergarten?

birthday cake

In California, the minimum age to enter kindergarten has just been changed. Previously, a child had to have been five by December 2 of the school year, one of the latest dates in the nation. The new date is September 1 and will be phased in over the next few years. I am conflicted over the change.


Some Folk Wisdom Ain't So Wise

snuggie for kids
Some bits of accepted folk wisdom are quaint but, like cheap diapers, they don't really seem to hold water in the parenting context ....


GLBT Teens NEED To Know 'It Gets Better'

Tyler Clementi

SIX -- count 'em, SIX -- gay teenagers were driven to suicide by bullies THIS WEEK ALONE. Something has to be done ... and the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Perez Hilton and Dan Savage are taking action and telling teens, "It Gets Better."