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Raising Grateful Kids

On Gratitude

Most of the children in our country have so much. But do they appreciate it? Todd Aaron Jensen, dad of six and author of "On Gratitude: 51 Celebrities Share What They're Most Thankful For," thinks that teaching children to be grateful will help them lead happier lives -- by as much as 25 percent!


MASSIVE Fisher-Price Recall Today

Fisher Price

Mattel's Fisher-Price is recalling more than 11 million toys and children's products today.


Is It Sexist to Raise Kids To Be Ladies and Gentlemen?

Does gender-neutral parenting make us lose our manners?


Sixth-Grade Male Cheerleader's Arm Broken by Bullies

Tyler Wilson

Eleven-year-old Tyler Wilson, the boy cheerleader whose arm was allegedly broken by football-team bullies, said today on "Good Morning America" that his schoolmates are now threatening to break his other arm because he told on them!


Should Kids Help House Hunt?

family looking at new home

About to relocate? Don't forget to mine the expertise you have right there in-house. According to a New York Times article, more and more children are taking an active role in the scoping out of new digs when their parents decide to move. But is this a good idea, or is it way too stressful for children?


A Single Mom, Six Kids ... and One Cop

police car
As we were driving along, the children were bantering and bickering back and forth about various things, and I was lost in my own thoughts, going over the list of things I needed to get accomplished before another week of school started. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a police officer pulled me over ....


Lots of Sick Days? Maybe Your Child Is Avoiding School

sick kid
Your child may be too young to pull a full-on Ferris Bueller, but it's not uncommon for some kids to whine and cry and say they feel sick when Monday morning rolls around.


Was It Right to Publish L.A. Teachers' Ratings?

failing grade
I am furious that the Los Angeles Times printed the names of teachers -- and their "ratings" -- in their paper! One teacher who was reportedly stressed over his low ratings even committed suicide over the weekend.