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Time to Relearn How to Help Your Kid Study

kid doing homework

You've dedicated a space, made it quiet and done everything else you could think of to help your kid study. Only a New York Times article reveals that it might be time to relearn everything you thought you knew.


Two-Thirds of Gay High School Students Feel Unsafe

High school student

Just when you thought kids were becoming more open-minded and tolerant of others, a survey by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, shows we still have a long way to go.


'Little Pim': Bon, Bueno, Bien, Etc.

Little Pim

My kid's in a dual-language program at his school, and his prowess en Francais is already beginning to surpass what little I've managed to retain from my seven years of junior/high-school French.


SAHM Wants to Get a 9-to-5 Job ... Or Does She?!

woman daydreaming
My schedule would be cake! Get up, shower (Holy crap! I'd get a shower every day!) and walk out the door (no packing lunches, no last-minute homework help) to a quiet car ... uh, a quiet car?!


11-Year-Old Dies from Asthma Attack

Briana Ojeda

Briana Ojeda was playing in a Brooklyn park last Friday when she suffered a severe asthma attack. Her mom, Carmen, was detained on the way to the hospital, and sadly, she didn't make it there in time.


Have Offspring, Will Travel

family at the beach

Family vacations don't necessarily mean a double double at a Motel 6 with free HBO. Family travel has gone hip and luxe. Our brood has been recently on the road and these are some of our favorites.


Why I Transferred My Kid to Another School District

woman thinking

I always said I'd never be that mom. You know -- the one who just has to have her kids in the best school in the best district with the best teachers? The one who thinks that the right kindergarten is going to make or break her 5-year-old's future?


SING IT!: The 'Twelve Days 'til School Starts' Song

school bus

While I've been trudging along through the last few weeks of summer vacation, a song has been building in my head. A ballad of sorts. When I think of all the things I have to do to get my kids ready to go back to school, I am overwhelmed with how much time I DON'T have ....