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Halloween Candy and Other Alternatives

kids trick or treating

I like to give out something good for Halloween. I don't want to be one of those houses where the kids leaving tell the kids approaching not to bother.


Not Too Crafty Costumes

kid in dracula costume

I am not particularly crafty. I am not like a friend of mine with four children whom I spotted last October at Jo-Ann Fabrics. She was getting patterns and fabrics to whip up four darling ensembles for the kids and a sexy little number for herself. Just last week, I went to a costume party dressed as Bea Arthur. I think you've got the picture.


Feedback: Wild Thinged

where the wild things are

Last week, one of our parenting experts cautioned against taking preschoolers to see "Where the Wild Things Are." In response, moms across America disagreed, saying the big screen version of the childhood classic was too good to pass up.


Mario Lopez Makes a Mean Mud Taco!

Mario Lopez

Most people know Mario Lopez as the sexy Latino host of "Extra." But now, you can add children's author to his list of accomplishments, too.


Where the Wild Things Scar

Where the wild things are

"Wild Things" is perhaps the most unusual and most visceral depiction of our emotional journey that has ever made it to the screen. We all walk with wild things inside of us. And we flirt with the fear that they have the power to consume us.


Wild Thinged

Where the wild things are

I couldn't have been more explicit. My recent review of "Where the Wild Things Are" said very clearly to "leave the little buggers at home."


Sexy Halloween Costumes Scare Me

girl in french maid costume

I am crazy for Halloween. We go all out in our home. It's a time of year when no matter how old you are, you get to be a kid again ... that is, unless you are a kid.


'Toy Story 3': Andy Goes Away to College!

Finally, Disney has released a full-length trailer for "Toy Story 3." We (oh, and our kids of course) can't wait until the premiere. But we'll have to -- the much-anticipated sequel won't hit the screens until summer 2010. To infinity and beyond!