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kid-friendly food

The Most Awesome Pancakes EVER

We all know by now that the Internet is a dangerous place. Certain websites should be off-limits for kids -- and first on the list should be


Baking Ban In NYC Schools

bake sale

Yesterday, moms and their kids turned out in droves to protest a pending ordinance that will all but forbid the sale of home-baked goods in New York City public schools. We got a few passionate foodie-mom protesters to weigh in.

momlogic's Vivian: Bake sales have long been a fundraising tradition at schools. But with pending Chancellor Regulation A-812, New York Department Of Education (DOE) officials will succeed in banishing anything home-baked from being sold in schools between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM (with the exception of one PTA-sponsored endeavor per month) -- while permitting the sale of less-healthy prepackaged goods (like Doritos). All of this comes under the guise of fighting childhood obesity, since quantifiable nutritional values are displayed on packaged goods.


Jennie Garth Helps Kids Learn to Love Veggies

jennie garth

Much to their parents' chagrin, most young kids suffer from a severe veggie deficit. Actress Jennie Garth hung out with us and shared how she "vegges out" with her family.


Guide for the Foodie Mom

mom and baby eating dinner

Afraid that a permanent plus one will knock you off the reservation list? Believe it or not, you can still enjoy eating out once in a while -- even with a little one (or two) in tow! Here's how.


Eight-Year-Old Boy Snags Spot in PB&J Finals!

crispy fish stick wrap

What 8-year-old boys do you know who would incorporate scallions into their PB&J repertoire? Meet Ryan Jaskowski, PB&J finalist extraordinaire!


Can You Guess What Food This Is?

We promise, it's NOT what you think.


Peanut Butter Panic

girl eating peanut butter sandwhich

To all you crazy anti-peanut butter moms: Don't try to eliminate the delicious substance from my kid's life just because your kid can't have any.


Don't Pick on Picky Eaters

child disliking broccoli

What the heck do you do when your kid refuses to eat anything healthy?!