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kid-friendly food

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes You'll Love

Easy thanksgiving recipes

Is the Thanksgiving feast happening at your house this year? Check out these favorite recipes from our mommy friends around the web that will make everyone at your table go "gobble gobble!"


Bake Sales Build Kids' Business Skills

kids at a bake sale

Of course we all want the best for our kids. We encourage them to learn other languages, try different instruments, and play sports to stay active. Well, here's a great way to let their creative juices flow and their entrepreneurial skills grow! Help your child take part in the next school bake sale.


Mommy, Why Am I Fat?

Overweiht sisters embracing

A 3:30 school pickup is our norm on Tuesdays. We drive 25 minutes to gymnastics at 4:00, and in an hour, head back to where we started for hip-hop at 5:30. That leaves us roughly 10 minutes to squeeze in dinner before my youngest has to be at soccer. It's a no-brainer, right? FAST FOOD!


Teach Your Kids to be Healthy in 8 Steps

Our diet and fitness expert shares tips on how to instill healthy eating and fitness habits in your child (without them knowing it!).


Halloween with Paula Deen

It's the spookiest AND sweetest time of the year, but never fear ... Paula Deen has a healthy snack that your little goblins will love.


Celebrate National Cake Decorating Day!

Halloween cake

Tomorrow is National Cake Decorating Day. Our online community is sharing fun decorating ideas, techniques, and recipes for you and your family. Don't just bake a cake, create a cake!


Schools Ban Bake Sales: Say What?!

schools ban bake sales

The New York City Board of Education has implemented a new policy banning bake sales in all of their schools in order to curb child obesity, among other reasons.


Sauces: Seal the Deal

 pasta with chicken and veggies
A great sauce is the perfect "accessory" to any meal. Just like a beautiful matching set of jewelry, or coordinating your purse and shoes, accessories can transform an ordinary outfit into extraordinary!