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Best Food Gifts for Mother's Day

mothers day food gifts

Sure, sure: Swimsuit season is around the corner. But it is your holiday, so treat yourself right! You know that the real way to your heart is sweets, treats and ... carbs! Go ahead and tell 'em you want to indulge!


World's Worst Mother's Day Gifts

kid with gift

While they say that it's the thought that counts, give us a break! Every mom knows that there are some seriously bad gifts out there for Mother's Day. Here are our top picks for the world's worst gifts ....


Top 10 Mother's Day Power Anthems

mothers day power anthems

In honor of Mother's Day, we asked thousands of our Twitter moms, "What's YOUR 'mom' song?" Here are the winning tunes!


Best Beauty Gifts for Mother's Day


Yes, it is our holiday, and yes, we can absolutely (very strongly) suggest gifts, LOL! Check out these favorite Mother's Day gifts for the beauty-loving mama!


What's Aging You 12 Years?

tired woman

Feeling tired and old? Are you even looking older? These are the habits that might be bringing on those wrinkles more quickly than expected (or wanted).


12 'Lessons' We Learned from Rielle Hunter on 'Oprah'

Rielle Hunter

Who knew Oprah's interview with Rielle Hunter would be so darn informative? Yeah, we already knew the sordid details of Hunter's fooling around with former presidential candidate John Edwards. What we didn't know was that Rielle has an extraordinary ability to delude herself into thinking she's not a no-good, home-wrecking mess. Impressive.


Celeb Moms Adopting Alone

sandra bullock

Today the news broke that Sandra Bullock is adopting as a single mother. She's not alone. While some may consider the full package to be kids, career and marriage, that's not the case for many single celebrity moms -- like Meg Ryan and Mary-Louise Parker -- who have adopted without having a mate.


Want Great Arms? Start in the Kitchen!

woman arms

So, you're doing some spring cleaning and decide to put all of your short-sleeve summer shirts in a pile to try on. What happens next is enough to make you gasp: Somehow, you've gained a few over the winter ... and it has gone to your arms, too. Suddenly, shirts that looked OK last year now make you look like you have girl-linebacker arms. Never fear: The right start to fit arms is right in your home.