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To Hate, or Not to Hate the Childless Bitch?


When the Childless Bitch wrote 'Stay Out of My Restaurant', moms reacted strongly to her views on our children's behavior when eating out. Kelly wrote: "Please. I've been to many a restaurant with my now 2-year-old son, and while i will concede that certain establishments are not 'kid-appropriate,' I hardly think it ANYONE'S right to tell me where, and when, I can take my child." Laura adds, "My mother-in-law insists on going to child-inappropriate restaurants for special occasions. Though the kids at the table are my nephews not my own children, I can't help but feel guilty that they are distracting to other diners. My first child is due in October. I know if I'm paying $30+ for my entree I don't want to deal with children acting like children (nor do I think children should be expected to behave like adults)."

Do you sympathize with the Childless Bitch, or is she out of line?


I was totally that childless b#tch when I was younger on a date, some toddler started screaming I was the first one to say, "Someone needs their ass beat." Now I have a two year old, I understand...we deserve a nice meal and how else are our kids going to learn to act in public. Take you kids out to eat. Order appetizers. Get in and get out. God love, and let us all pray for the childless bitch who will be cursed one day with the colic, temper tantrum, cranky child at the five star resturant. :) For all you concerned mother, I don't beat my kids ass when they act up in public either. I just pinch her....

I have a child and I can agree with most of what she wrote! I have no problem with other people's kids as long as they are well behaved. Unfortunately, the bad ones (parents and kids) are ruining it for the rest.

Even women who have kids like to get out without them and go and do adults only things at grown-up places without seeing or hearing children. . .even well behaved ones!

I think that although this childless lady seems to go a bit overboard with some of her comments I do agree that most children do not handle and should not be expected to handle adult situations well. One of the things that most drives me nuts and I have 9 count them 9 children so not much flusters me...but one thing that does is that many parents lately seem to feel no obligation to parent their own children in public. I think that we need to open our eyes and not put our children into situations that they are not ready for. It is not good for others or for the child. I attended a business meeting for a charity I am assisting with recently. I brought my 10 year old who sat quietly in a corner of the room reading a book, and occasionally obviously listening to our conversation. I knew better than to bring my 12 year old... he would have been miserable sitting still and being ignored for a long meeting so I arranged for him to spend the evening with a friend. Another mom however did not apparently think it through (she has a habit of this) and decided to bring her 5 year old with her. Her daughter is not a mean spirited child; however she is a bit energetic in a normally sweet kind of way. At our long meeting her daughter was miserable which was to be expected. The bored little one spent the entire evening crawling under the table over people shoes, reaching up to pull documents off the table from various adults and running around the room with them trying to start a game of keep away, writing on the wall of our meeting room with an ink pen and the grand finale was her knocking over our power point system. Her mother did not move from her seat or even look at her daughter all evening... We had offered three possible sitters two of whom she had used previously for outings with her husband but this “spacey-mom” insisted that her daughter was a perfect angel at meetings even though everyone else in the room knows better from previous encounters. This same mom did not even apologize or help clean up the mess her daughter made we finally had to actually ask her to take her child from the room so we could finish up and she was highly insulted and offended by us doing that even though the wording we used was… “Suzy” it seems that little “Pammy” is not happy in this room maybe you could take her out of the room for a bit while we try to reset our power point and finish up in here. There is a playground in the back of the building you can use if you like.” Her response was no little “Pammy was just fine”. Our director had to then insist that “Pammy” be removed from the room and “Suzy” then finally getting the hint grabbed “Suzy” up and stormed out of the building. In my opinion it is the moms who have the problem and not the children. They are either "spacey-moms" who have no clue what their children are really capable of handling and are oblivious to everyone in the world including their own offspring or they are just "rude-moms" who know their child is going to behave like a terror and just seem to feel we should all be honored to be in the presence of their royal progeny. I love children (obviously) and I do not believe in restricting all children from adult restaurants etc. however I think we moms need to be sure that our freedom to bring our children places does not cross the line into other folks freedom to enjoy a quiet meal.

I am a mom of three and I think that children do not belong in "nice restaurants. I know I am going hear the wrath, but the reason I go to nice places is to get away from kids. That is what babysitters are for. I know many of you have wonderfully behaved children who could be trusted to behave through high tea at the Ritz, but it seems that there are many more who THINK your children are being well behaved when they are in fact driving other diners crazy. I don't want to hear you begging your little darling to "just ttrrrryyyyy the calamari, you'll like it! Mommy promises." I don't want to hear your 2 year old's precious giggle that splits my eardrums. And for God's sake, there is absolutely NO REASON for small children to wander around a dining room or climb under the table. If you insist on taking your small ones to pricey places, then please do it with some forethought and planning. The wisest mom I know gave me advice when I had my first and I have lived by it---Expensive restaurants are NOT manners school for children. If you want to do the manners training, call the restaurant a few days ahead of time and find out what the absolute earliest time of day you could get a table. Tell the host what you are trying to do and ask if you could be seated away from other diners. Most places are more than happy to help you when they realize that they have "diners in training" I took my children to many a 4:45 dinner in the back corner before they were ever allowed to eat at peak adult dining time.

I've seen adults in restaurants who act horrendously-- Loud, swearing, walking around unnecessarily, etc. Yet, at the same restaurant in the same visit I've seen children, under the age of seven, act mature, responsible and beautifully. I guess it's all in how the person is raised.

If your kid eats only chicken strips then stick with applebees.
If the restaurant does not have a printed kid's, then take is as polite communiation

I have three children 7, 5.5 and 5.5. Since infants I would take them to finer restaurants to teach and train them how to eat in places like that. I would also talk about those places when just sitting at home eating; saying things like respecting other people, people eating out not to listen to loud kids...and so on. They are very well behaved children when eating out now and I receive many compliments. I just wish that some adults respected those around them when dining out.

when my children were little we went to very nice restaurants. The moment they acted up (which, lets face it, if you child is normal, it will happen), i would immediately remove my child and return once she got the antsy pantsyness out of her system. ...not a big deal, and not an intrusion on others who want to enjoy a decent night out.....simple as that

When my husband and I go out to eat we don't go to resturants that are children centered ,so it would be nice if parents who have children that act up ,would take them to the places that cater to children.The thing is little ones are not the only ones who can and do act up at resturants. The last resturant my husband and I dined st we were seated next to a table full of teens who were having a heck of a good time speaking loudly and not able to finish a sentence without using the four letter words.And then there are those places who have TVS located all over the resturant and the sports lover must yell out whenever excited.OK, I give up is there ANYPLACE my husband and I can go for a nice quiet meal that is affordable? And yes ,I am a Mom of three children however, they are now grown up.

When my daughter was younger I never let her stand up and bother the people in the next booth. Why can't some people do the same with their kids? It's not cute, it's annoying!

I actually agree with her. While it can be frustrating for a Mom to have their kid screaming it can be jarring to have a kid screaming their head off in the restaurant. I actually see it both ways.

she is way out of line in my opinion and if she had any of her own maybe she would see that you do not know what you are taking about really until you have one of your own. no one wants to be told restrictions such as a resturant and a toddler/child should not be expected to act as an adult but should be taught manners/respect of different subjects,etc. however, i feel as parents we should know when to take our child to a restuarant or anywhere for that matter.