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My friend's kid saw me naked

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I had my friend's son over for a slumber party with my son last weekend so my friend could go to a wedding. In the middle of the night, my son and his friend walked into our bedroom and caught us having sex! Should I tell my friend what happened?


You can come clean about it, and tell the frind's mom first yourself. She rather hear it from you than her son. I think she'll understand where you're coming from because she's human too, and talk to your son as well. Let him know that you do understand the fact that it was embarrassing for him and his friend to see you guys, but sex over all is not an embarrassing thing. He'll respect you for it.

Not only should you tell the boy's mom what happened, but you should seize the moment to talk to your son about what happened as well. No doubt the info was shared between boys. You can approach the subject of sex with your son in a non-threatening, loving manner. It's not something to be embarassed about, it's an expression of love between two people who care very deeply about each other. Make this a teachable moment!

I think stuff like that always sounds better if one hears it from an adult than from a child. I would definately tell the other mom myself. Also it may be time to start locking the door before getting naked.... ;-)

Yikes! I agree, if they're young (and since you used the term "slumber party", I'm assuming they are) you definitely need to tell your friend. You don't want him to be the one to bring it up.

I think it really depends on how old the boys are. Under 15 i would say yes and just explain it was truely an accident...over 15 i would say no. I mean dont hide the fact that it happend..but i think by that age they already know what was going on and you dont need to make it any more embarrasing than i'm sure it already was. Hope that was helpfull!