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losen up


Hey ladies just remember sometimes we all wanted to ask that dumb question and you where to affraid to?
Parenting is hard enough with out other moms telling you the help you are looking for is either stupid or a waste of time. I personal dont mind the dumb questions its the people who post while on PMS who bug me. so remember lift up the women you worrie about dont tear them down with hurtful words.


You don't want other mom's opinions -- good or bad -- you are on the wrong web site ! Go see a pastor or a liscensed Dr.

About the totally agree response -- If you don't want a response - agree or not -- DON'T ASK !! Everyone has a different opinion. Don't put people down because they have a different reponse ! Love your children and make sure they know it !! Show it -- tell them every day !!

Don't want the advice --good or bad-- don't ask!

If you don't ask you will never know !! Never be afraid to ask BUT don't be afraid of the answer !! No question asked is the only stupid question . Sometimes the answer,no matter how crude, makes you think for yourself ! Thinking for yourself is what you want to do ! And by the way I am NOT PMS and I don't baby Mom's ! A lot of us have already reared our children and we speak from our experience , just because you have a different point of view does not mean anyone else is wrong or is PMSing . freaking out ,or whatever else ! O.K. \\

I totally agree!! About time someone wrote this post! Good job!!