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Diary of a 50-Year-Old Bride, Part 1

It was not a unilateral plan or decision. It was a long time in coming, and although I may have been impatient along the way, I think the long-time-in-coming was a good thing.


Do Guys Like Single Moms?

mom with kids
Having a kid brings up all sort of dating challenges: How to tell the guy about the kid; when to introduce the kid to the guy; what if the kid gets attached to the guy and you break up ....


Facebook: How Much Wall Love Is Too Much?

A miracle happened the other day. My Facebook-challenged husband actually wrote on my wall. I'm not going to lie: I liked it. But some of my friends felt like that kind of public display of affection was just too much.


You Never Forget Your First Love

Teenage couple

Our first loves have a huge impact on our future relationships.


My Daughter Walked In on Us Having Sex

Girl covering her eyes
Yes, the scenario you are imagining really did occur, and it was every bit as mortifying as you think. God knows how long she'd been standing there watching us, but when I glanced at the doorway, there she was, holding her toothbrush, a deer in headlights ...


Help! My Husband Might Take Away My Debit Card!

debit card
I spend too much money, and I suck at math. This is not good for my checkbook.


Wife's Vajayjay Scares Off Husband Post-Childbirth

woman giving birth
I got a call from my bawling sister-in-law last night, who said that her husband (my hubs' brother) had just walked out on her and their child. His reasoning was that he'd "looked" while she was giving birth to their son, and now he can no longer think of her in a sexual way. She gave birth two years ago! She confirmed it, though: They'd had sex only a handful of times since, and she had initiated every time. Oh. My. God.


Do You Need a Financial Shrink?

US Currency

Money is the leading cause of trouble in relationships, so why not seek out financial therapy? Is money an issue in your relationship?