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He Relaxes, You Work. WTH?

I have a question for all the stay-at-home moms out there -- or should I say, all the moms who work their BUTTS off at home: Do your partners seem to think that while they're off working away from home, you're eating bonbons and watching soap operas?


I'm Going on a Sex Strike

mad looking woman
For a super-busy new mom, I'm pretty generous when it comes to sex. However, since my husband's not giving back nearly as much as I am, I've resorted to going on strike.


One Husband, Four Wives, THIRTEEN Kids

Kody Brown

The family behind TLC's new reality show "Sister Wives" hopes to create a new impression of polygamy. While on "Today," Kody Brown and his four partners explained how they make their plural marriage work.


Brant & Seymour Work It Out, but What of Their Kids?

Peter Brant; Stephanie Seymour

It surprised many when the divorce between megabucked media mogul Peter Brant and his supermodel wife, Stephanie Seymour, became a War-and-Peace-of-the-Roses kind of situation. Yesterday, they shocked the judge presiding over their divorce proceedings by announcing that they wanted to reconcile.


Stop the Teen-Pregnancy Blame Game!

Teen Pregnancy
The MTV shows "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" don't glamorize teen pregnancy. Giving these young mothers covers on magazines with a quote like, "I'm Broke" certainly isn't glamorous, either.


Back-to-School Means Back-to-Cheating for Stay-at-Home Parents?

woman using computer

The day after Labor Day may signify "back-to-school" to kids everywhere, but what does it mean to all of the parents who are left at home to their own devices for the first time in months? Freedom to have an affair, according to the founder of


Back to My Coed Days (I Wish!)

couple walking at school campus

If I found a magic lamp, undoubtedly my first wish would be to be napping in my dorm at Penn State, waiting for the dining hall (where my boyfriend was the assistant cook) to open. My biggest concern would be what I was wearing to my sorority social later.


10 Lessons from an 18th-Century Japanese Sex Manual

woman in her underwear
Back around the time of the American Revolution, a Japanese man named Tsukioka Settei was busy writing "A Treasure Book for Women on the Way of Love -- Day and Night." So what can we learn from 18th-century Japanese erotica? Actually, a lot ....