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Are You Committing Financial Infidelity?

woman holding money

"If you're going to share one main account, it's wise to keep separate -- but not secret -- accounts for each of you to spend on things just for you," says Jonathan Rich, Ph.D.


Has Social Networking Replaced Sex?

social networking man and annoyed woman

Our lives are so equal, so focused on work and family, that sex often gets put on the back burner -- behind the kids' needs, our social networking, work we take home and more.

Read More... Sign-Ups Triple The Day After Father's Day

On a typical Monday, approximately 6,000 men join (a.k.a. the dating site for married people). But on the day after Father's Day last year, the website saw close to 18,000 new male sign-ups. They are expecting the number to be closer to 21,000 this year.


My Wife Won't Let My Dogs Sleep with Us!

Just a Guy Who Loves His Dogs In Bed

My wife says, "No dogs in bed." It's not a negotiation or a discussion; it's a decree. But I sure miss having them in bed with me.


To Facebook or Not to Facebook

Man with laptop drinking coffee

The other day, my husband quoted me on his Facebook "wall." It was a comment I'd made between bites of toast that I never thought would end up public. I was NOT pleased!


Mominatrix Tells Moms How to Hate Sex Less

Mominatrix Guide to Sex

After being climbed on and grabbed at by their little ones, it's no surprise that moms aren't that into getting the same treatment from their partners.


How to Keep Your Man from Cheating

man with crown sitting on a throne

While a wife can't stop a cheater who is destined to wander, I maintain that she does have the power to drive a "non-cheater" into the arms of another woman. A nagging, demanding, critical wife can even make a good guy vulnerable to an affair.


10 Ways to Get in the Mood for Love

woman in lingerie

You love your husband and you feel close to him, but you're just not in the mood now that you're a mom. This advice is for you, one mom to another, so you can get your groove back.