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Just a Guy Having a Frank Sex Talk with His Son

Our kids will have sex. The question is when, with whom and under what circumstances. My son has a girlfriend of eight months, which is an eternity for high-school sophomores. Sex may be inevitable, but when I discussed it with my son recently, he was just as embarrassed as every kid is when us old folks talk dirty -- LOL!


The Untold Secrets of Successful Relationships

couple riding bikes

I've long suggested that a successful relationship or marriage takes effort, not "work." Oftentimes, "work" is that thing you must do in order to have time and flexibility for the things you really care about. Are you ready to take the necessary steps to boost your bond?


Dads Who Are Disgusted by Childbirth

father in delivery room

Is it immature that some men don't seem able to get past the vision of their sexy wife pushing a watermelon out of her vagina -- which ends up looking nothing like the vagina they knew before the glorious event? Maybe, but it doesn't change the reality that some dads need a little understanding to get over the visual.


Mom Takes the Challenge: Have Sex One Day in a Row

Kids on Bed

Before kids, you can have sex anytime, anywhere. You can have it in the kitchen ... heck, you can have it in the REFRIGERATOR if that floats your boat. Here's a fact: Anyone who tells you that spontaneous sex is possible with a bunch of little rugrats running around is A) a liar, or B) a liar.


My Husband Is Driving Me Insane

wife frustrated with husband

My husband lost his job unexpectedly after the new year, and has just recently (thank you, GOD) started back to work. For a good while, he was home with me and our baby daughter. At first, it was great to have him here -- but the vacay lasted about a week. Why? Because. He. Drove. Me. Crazy.


Marriage: Team Players Only, Please

happy couple talking

Marriage is when you go from an "I" to a "we." And that transition hasn't always been comfortable.

Dani Klein Modisett: I never felt like the marrying kind when I was single, so I dated like-minded souls -- actors, comics and even people with regular jobs who were wounded enough to always keep me at arm's length. But after my father died, the narcissistic "geniuses" who filled my dance card became a lot less sexy. In fact, they were downright exhausting. That's when I started going out with different kinds of men -- men who showed up on time and noticed when I was in the room.


Actress Calls Out Cheating Husband in E-mail

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon is not taking revelations that her husband has been cheating on her for five years lying down. Instead, she sent an e-mail to his ENTIRE company and put him on BLAST!


'I Met My Husband on a Website for Cheaters'

stephania and michael

Stephania, a mom of two, met her husband on ... and she's not ashamed to say so. She shares her story with momlogic.