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Forget Separate Beds: It's Separate Bedrooms for Married Folks


Add this to the long list of dangers threatening the great institution of marriage: solo sleeping arrangements.


New Moms Flirt with Infidelity?

mom holding a baby

Sitting among a group of new mommies, you hear about everything from chapped nipples to diaper-rash remedies. But what you don't expect to hear is how these moms are flirting with the idea of infidelity.


My Husband Won't Be My Facebook Husband

upset woman pulling hair

On Facebook, I learned it was OK to be friends even if you dislike a person in real life. It's also OK to love your wife in real life and pretend she doesn't exist on Facebook.


Parents: Your Marriage Should Be Your Most Important Relationship

couple kissing

In the end, your marriage should be the most important relationship and tended to as such. This will allow the experience of "team" within your parenting lives. Michael and I love our kids but we realize on our own we have our couple "stuff" figured out.


Why Marriage Matters

Bride and groom, wedding

I've been married for 26 years, raising two children who are now young adults in college. Although my marriage hasn't always been a bed of roses, my husband and I have gone through many life transitions together without losing hope that our marriage wouldn't dissolve -- even through my own struggle with and recovery from an eating disorder.


Mom Launches Website to Find Mrs. Right for Son

Mom Launches Website to Find Mrs. Right for Son

Geri Brin wants her 31-year-old son, Colby, to find Mrs. Right -- so she has launched a "Date My Single Kid" section on her website to help aid in the search. Now other moms can use the site to help their kids find mates, too!


Experiment: Man Says 'Yes' to Wife for a Month

A.J. Jacobs agreed to do everything that his wife Julie wanted him to do for 30 days. If your husband said "yes" to everything you requested for a month, what would you ask him to do?


5 Reasons to Hate Sex Less

couple in bed

Whether you're a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, "mommyhood" is a 24-hour juggling act allowing for little downtime and relaxation. We get it. But here are five reasons why you should still make sex a priority.