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New Miley Pics are OTMFC

Don't know what OTMFC means? We didn't either until now. Miley Cyrus creates controversy again with promotional photos for her upcoming CD, Breakout. Keep reading to see the phallic microphone shots, the cleavage and the offensive graffiti (and find out what OTMFC means once and for all).


Another Miley Pic Surfaces

The web was abuzz this weekend when a new Miley Cyrus MySpace pic leaked. In this shot, she's in bed (or what looks like a bed) with a mystery guy, and the picture is so dark it looks like it was taken after hours. Feeling deja vu? Us, too. Check out our Miley MySpace pic timeline.


Miley's Milk Mustache

Miley Cyrus' got a new "Got Milk?" ad. Is this photo a bit much given the tight get-up and sexy pose, or is it perfectly appropriate?


Dina Lohan Gives Miley's Mom Advice

Dina Lohan was honored tonight in New York by "Mingling Moms," and sent a message to Miley Cyrus' mom through

Click on full story to hear what she had to say.


Kids React to Miley Scandal

What do your tweens and teens think of the Vanity Fair photos?

We were concerned about how kids are reacting to Miley Cyrus' photos, so we looked online for their opinions and also asked our own kids and their friends what they thought. Here's what we they had to say.


Miley Pics Part of a Dismal Trend?

See why people are buzzing about these kids' underwear ads in China.

Would you want your teen daughter to appear in ads like these?


Who's to Blame for Miley Photos?

Momlogic's Role Mommy, a publicist by trade, sounds off on the Vanity Fair controversy.

It might not have been smart for Miley Cyrus to have stripped down to her skivvies in the name of high-fashion photography. But when Annie Liebovitz tells you to do something, you do it!


Momlogic Weighs in on Miley

The news turns to us for expert advice on the Vanity Fair photo scandal.

ML contributor Shannon Fox appeared on both Inside Edition and CNN's Showbiz Tonight to discuss the teen sensation's questionable photo spread.