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Cash or Credit?

woman holding credit card

There are certainly benefits to using cash. I think I don't spend as much, and I can't spend more than I have. But I have found that if you have a credit card you can pay off each month to avoid finance charges, there are some perks that you just don't get otherwise.


We Really Haven't Come a Long Way, Baby

mom leaving husband and baby for work

Headlines in all the major magazines and websites are stating that women are now the primary breadwinners of the household, earning more than their mates. Is this a good thing? My question is, have women really surpassed men on the career front?


Mom Feeds Family of Four for $4 a Week

mom feeds family on 4 dollars a week play video

Massachusetts mom Kathy Spencer is so good at clipping coupons that she can feed her family of six for about $4 a week.


The Sweep

woman is a hotel room

Wherever we go, we seem to leave things. Not big things, like a child or a car, but enough little things that it can be annoying. And expensive.


American Women: More Power than Pleasure

woman in suit smiling

A new poll mounted by Time magazine on the state of American women is as positive as it is perplexing.


The Cereal Killer

woman looking at cereal box in store

Remember the prizes that came in cereal boxes? Well, they've gotten better.


Halloween Candy and Other Alternatives

kids trick or treating

I like to give out something good for Halloween. I don't want to be one of those houses where the kids leaving tell the kids approaching not to bother.


Frightfully Frugal: Halloween on a Budget

Mom holding dollar bills

With record numbers of Americans losing their jobs and homes, this year has been scary enough! So to ease the terrified minds of all of my money-saving moms, I have come up with a few ways to keep a little more money in your pockets!