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Park It Right Here

woman putting money in a parking meter

If you live in a city where parking is free all over, or where public transportation is a viable option, you may not think much about paying for parking. But if you're the rest of us, you should start thinking about it -- because some creative parking could save you thousands of dollars per year!


Could Your Home Welcome Vacationers?

family in front of house

Here's an interesting way that I made it through the recession: I turned my house into a hotel!


You'll Never Get a Job Here

Woman having an interview

I recently received your résumé and follow-up e-mails. I feel the need to assist you in your job search by giving you a few dos and don'ts, so that next time you apply for a job, you'll at least be called for an interview.


The Tooth Fairy Predicts Economic Growth

Turns out the tooth fairy might know more about our economic future than Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner.


Are Creditors Keeping Tabs on You on Facebook?

computer monitor and credit cards

Here's another creepy way that social media is being used: credit card companies are considering using social media sites to judge your financial behavior. Translation: too many drunken photos with buddies could lead to credit card companies judging your financial behavior.


Beware of Craigslist Crazies

a woman on a computer

I love Craigslist, but it's got its share of crazies -- interesting crazies, who meet you to buy your old computer monitor and peel off a hundred dollar bill from a huge wad. Weird crazies, who try to nap on your couch before making you an offer for it. Scary crazies, like murderers, who find victims there. Here are my tips to keep you safe.


It's Chic to be Cheap

woman clipping coupons

It's interesting to me how the words "sale," "bargain," and "frugal" no longer have the negative connotation they had years ago.


How Much Will You Pay for Convenience?

car broken down

After my car battery died, I thought I was getting a sweet deal by having AAA come to my house to change it. It turns out I was wrong.