Angry, Violent Girls

Why are teen girls so angry? momlogic investigates.

As countless teen girl catfights get glamorized on YouTube, we wondered if teen girls are really becoming more violent--and, if so, what's behind their behavior.

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When Cheerleading Kills

A young woman's death begs the question: How safe are competitive school sports? 20-year-old cheerleader Lauren Chang lost her life this weekend after cheering in a competition in which the petite student had to perform an acrobatic flip that proved fatal...

Voting Along Estrogen Lines?

Political reporter and Mom Ronda Kaysen: Should Moms feel pressure to vote for a woman now that Hillary's won Pennsylvania's primary? Female superdelegates are getting serious pressure to back Hillary Clinton because she's a woman, according to a story in USA Today...

Is this Hillary's Last Stand?

Political reporter and Mom Ronda Kaysen: Will the uber-mama prove to be the victor in Pennsylvania? Today's the day for Hillary Clinton to prove she's one tough mama. She needs to beat Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania primary by a double digit margin or she's going to face intense party pressure to bow out...

A Daughter's Darkest Secret Revealed

Mother recognizes "hidden" daughter.

Oops. After she was interviewed by Diane Sawyer for an ABC special on prostitution, a Manhattan hooker was busted by her mother--who recognized her daughter, despite the network's elaborate efforts to disguise her, reports the NY Post. In spite of the silhouette, the altered voice, the distorted profile, and the vague details, "I received an e-mail from my mother saying that she knows," the call girl wrote on her blog, Debauchette. In the e-mail, her mother reportedly wrote: ""I have to say that it wasn't a complete surprise . . . But I was in a state of denial."

Have you ever hidden anything from your own mother, or do you worry your child is hiding a
secret life from you?

Moms to Blame in Polygamy Case?

Parents argue over the rights of the moms in the polygamist sect. We posted Guilty Moms in Texas Cult?, discussing the controversy regarding the accountability of the mothers in the Texas sect. J.Smith had this to say: "These anti-women, pro-sex-with-young-girls weirdos should be stopped at all costs...

When Your Son's a Potential School Shooter

Would you turn in your own child? These two Moms did. >Over the weekend, 16-year-old Ryan Schallenberger's parents turned him in to the police after 10 pounds of ammonium nitrate was delivered to their home in Chesterfield...

Guilty Moms in Texas Cult?

Once it's clear who the parents of these children are, what should happen to their mothers?

A Texas judge has ordered the 416 children removed from the polygamous sect in Texas to remain in state custody, and, along with their parents, to undergo DNA testing to determine both paternity and maternity, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

The tests will help the court sort out a tangled web of familial relations and reveal not only who the real dads are, but the real moms as well. This could be needed, experts say, because a younger child in the sect may consider more than one of the so-called "sister-wives" to be his or her mom. Keep Reading...

New Trend? Tween Beating Caught on Tape

Another video surfaces of middle school girls beating a classmate and posting online.

What is happening to our daughters that they're not only engaging in horrible violence, but looking for fame by posting it for the world to see...

What About the Kids?

What every Mom needs to know about the Texas polygamist case. Today in Moms Are Talking About, we told you the latest details in the Texas polygamy case. But every time we hear a news report about this situation, we can't help but worry for those kids. What kind of effect is being ripped from their mothers having on them? Mom•Logic spoke with cult expert Keep Reading...

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