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Mom Cries Over Kid's Response to Race Test

Mom Cries Over Kid's Response To Race Test

A 5-year-old in Georgia took part in a CNN study about race. And her answers to the questions stunned her mother so much it brought tears to her eyes.


Killer Lured Victim with Info from Facebook

Nona Belomesoff

A man used knowledge he'd gleaned from Facebook to lure an Australian 18-year-old to an isolated bushland west of Sydney -- and then murdered her. Scary, right? Here are a few tips to keep your kids safe on Facebook.


Sex Offenders: Jail Forever, or Voluntary Castration?

Thanks to the upholding of a federal law, sex offenders like John Albert Gardner III would never be released from prison. But what if they agreed to castration? 


This Reality TV Show Is Just WRONG!

australian reality show

A new reality show will feature Australian teens auctioning off their virginity in Vegas to the highest bidder. Um ... how could this possibly be cool?!


Cord Blood Banking: Medical Miracle or Ripoff?

cord blood banking

Cord blood banking -- the process of harvesting and storing the nutrient-rich blood from a newborn's umbilical cord -- allegedly offers a lifetime of protection for your child ... but it comes with a hefty price tag. Are parents being duped?


Speaking in Emoticons?

two young girls using computer

Since a study has revealed that Americans between the ages of 8 and 18 spend an average of 7½ hours a day plugged in to something that blips and beeps, a New York Times article asks if today's technology is retarding kids' abilities to communicate in 3D.


My Date Night Was a Block Away from Times Square Bomb

times square

Just another Saturday night on the town? Kinda, sorta! See, The Hubs scored us some tix to a fun, fancy gala. And it was all glam, bam, thank you ma'am -- until the next morning, when we learned about the Times Square bomb ticking not even a block from our car!


Celebs Rally Around 'Sex and the City 2' Costumer's Sick Baby

minty python

Nine-month-old "Minty Python" has been battling brain tumors since she was just 6 weeks old. And celeb parents like Naomi Watts, Ted Danson, Tina Fey and Rachel Weisz are rallying to help offset the extensive cost of her cancer treatment.