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Confinement after Childbirth: OK or No Way?

Noelle Leung and her kids
In China, the month after childbirth is a critical and sacred time for mother and baby, and most new moms choose to stay in lockdown for those thirty days.


Demi Lovato: What Parents Need to Know

Demi Lovato
We spoke with Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, JD, PhD, of Caron Treatment Centers, to find out how parents can turn this situation into a teachable moment for their kids.


Miscarriage: How to Help

Lilly Allen

Our hearts go out to British singer Lily Allen, who recently suffered a miscarriage six months into her pregnancy. Sadly, many who endure this incredibly painful loss can be made to feel even lonelier when the people around them aren't sure how to support them. Here are some ways you can help.


Judge Rules 4-Year-Old CAN Be Sued for Negligence!

Judge Rules 4-Year Old CAN Be Sued For Negligence!

Better keep a close eye on your kids when they're learning how to ride a bike! Last week, a Manhattan judge ruled that a 4-year-old could actually be sued for negligence for colliding with an elderly woman!


Nine Reasons Women Need to Vote This Election Day

woman voting
As women, we need to get out and vote!


SAD! Mom Kills Baby over 'FarmVille'!

Alexandra Tobias

I almost choked on my bagel when I read this disturbing story: A young Jacksonville mom pleaded guilty to second degree murder for shaking her 3-month-old to death because she was peeved he'd interrupted her game of "FarmVille"!


Cop Mom Promoted after Fancy Gun Work at Beauty Parlor!

 Feris 'Jonesy' Jones

Off-duty 20-year police vet Feris "Jonesy" Jones was getting her hair done at a Brooklyn hair salon when an armed robber -- 19-year-old Winston Cox -- busted onto the premises. Keeping her cool, the 50-year-old police officer and mom shot the gun out of his hand, then shot the doorknob, foiling his getaway!


The Birth Rape Phenomenon

woman giving birth
"Birth rape," the term used to describe violent and disempowering experiences that occur during labor and delivery, is a hotly debated topic within many mom circles.