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Insurance Companies Dump Kids' Coverage! WTH?!

health insurance form

So much for doing right by this nation's children: When Obama's law barring insurance companies from denying coverage to kids with preexisting conditions goes into effect, some insurance companies will respond by denying children, PERIOD. This latest d-bag move is a total outrage!


Cop Fake-Arrests Teen for Having Sex with His Kid!

police arrest teen

To keep his 14-year-old stepdaughter from sleeping with her boyfriend again, a San Jose cop showed up at the 15-year-old boy's house in full uniform, cuffed him and then released him with a stern warning -- only to find himself placed on administrative leave and under criminal investigation for false imprisonment!


Does Your Kitchen Make the Grade?

Ever wonder what grade your home kitchen would receive from a health inspector? A new study published in USA Today suggests that one in seven homes would not pass these rigid health standards.


Is Breastfeeding the New Jenny Craig?

woman breasfeeding

A new pro-breastfeeding campaign from the New York State Department of Health that's sweeping the City comes off as a glorified Jenny Craig ad for weight loss. Take a peek and let us know if it inspires you to lactate ... or raise an eyebrow!


School FAIL II: Data Dump Has NYC Mom Suing Mad

Data Dump Has NYC Mom Suing Mad

Can you say "infohazard"? First, a Brooklyn public school dumps hundreds of library books on the street, then the School for the Physical City does them one worse: It disposes of hundreds of confidential student records -- including psychiatric profiles, addresses and social security numbers -- in a dumpster. And one mom is suing mad!


School FAIL: Brooklyn School Trashes Books

Public School261 in Boerum Hill threw away a pile of children's books with the garbage.

A Brooklyn elementary school prepared for the first day of classes by tossing about 200 books in the trash -- and they were in decent condition! Could there be any legit reason for this waste?!


11-Year-Old Dies from Asthma Attack

Briana Ojeda

Briana Ojeda was playing in a Brooklyn park last Friday when she suffered a severe asthma attack. Her mom, Carmen, was detained on the way to the hospital, and sadly, she didn't make it there in time.


Racially Charged Memo Angers Parents

Racially Charged Memo Angers Parents
This past weekend marked the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Apparently, those in the Nettleton, Mississippi, school district didn't get the memo on King's message of equality.