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Expectant Mother's Diet Linked with Childhood Obesity

Pregnant woman

A new study finds evidence that a pregnant woman's diet can alter her child's DNA in the womb -- increasing the child's risk of obesity.


5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Maternity Leave

Lisa Pierson Weinberger

Are you preparing to take maternity leave soon? These tips from Lisa Pierson Weinberger, legal expert, mom and founder of, will help you make the most of your maternity leave -- and ease your transition back into the working world.


Crafts for a Cause: Sock Monkeys?! Yes!

Sock Monkey

If you're looking for an original baby gift with special meaning, look no further than these adorable, handmade sock monkeys made by The Las Artesanas Mariposas, a dedicated group of mothers and other women in the Dominican Republic.


Mom Alert: Baby Monitors Recalled, Linked to 2 Deaths

Summer Infant Monitor

The strangulation death of two infants has led to a recall of nearly two million Summer Infant video baby monitors, according to Associated Press.


More Hospitals Ban Cameras in Delivery Room: Is It a Mother's Right?

new born baby

If it's your baby, do you have the right to take pictures and videotape upon arrival?


I Wanted a Baby; He Didn't

woman holding a baby
I was 29 years old when I met my husband. He was six months younger than me. I told him that if we were not going to be engaged in a year, I wasn't sticking around. I wanted to get married and have a baby, and I didn't want to waste any time. The glitch? My husband wanted to wait until he was 40 years old to have kids.


Halloween Costumes Are Cruel to Babies

baby in a lobster costume

Dressing tiny, defenseless babies in costumes is cruel and unusual punishment, says Andrea of "Bedtimes Are for Suckers."


Breast-Cancer Survivors Can Breastfeed!

woman breastfeeding
A new study suggests that, for many women who have survived breast cancer, breastfeeding is both possible and healthy!