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Prego Brain

Pregnant woman
I used to have one of those steel-trap memories. The kind that would drive my husband crazy because I never. Forgot. Anything. (A very handy tool when having a spat.) And then I got knocked up. 


Is This REALLY My Baby Shower?

baby shower
Before this lovely Saturday filled with finger sandwiches and games, I was always the one attending baby showers, the one in the back of the crowd gossiping and drinking my wine, not at all invested in the Bumbos or Diaper Genies being opened by the mom-to-be. 


Notes from Bedrest: Labor

pregnant woman

Don't get all crazy, I'm not in labor ... yet. But I'm having contractions and PAIN and all that good stuff. Went to see Dr. S. and he took out the stitch. That was so much fun. But it's over. I'm stitch-less. Just shy of 37 weeks.


A Chat with 'Origins' Author Annie Murphy Paul

Anine Murphy Paul

Can you imagine interviewing scientists and reading reams of research about how various situations can affect a fetus in the womb and far beyond -- while you were pregnant yourself?Mom of two Annie Murphy Paul did just that while writing "Origins: How the Nine Months before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives," a new book that explores the field of "fetal origins" research through the lens of Paul's own pregnancy.


Notes from Bedrest: Light at the End ...


I am approaching the end of my pregnancy, and my little bun in the oven is growing and healthy. I am looking forward to getting out of this godforsaken bed. I am looking forward to picking up my daughter, hugging my husband while standing up, and feeling real sunlight (not to mention coloring my roots).


Beware: Out-of-Control Pregnant Woman!

green paint
Let's just say that since becoming pregnant, I have found that my need for control has spun out of control. But it wasn't until my painting-the-nursery meltdown that I decided that my need for control was turning me into Bossy Betty on Crack. 


Postpartum Depression: Now for Men, Too!

depressed man
According to a new study published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, new fathers, just like new mothers, face an increased risk of depression -- and that risk remains high much longer than had previously been assumed.


Notes from Bedrest: Around the Bed in 80 Days ....

pregnant woman in bed

Wasn't that a movie? The movie of my LIFE, maybe. Eighty days. Eight-oh. In bed. Eleven-and-a-half weeks lying down. Seriously. But the good news is that when I got my ultrasound, I saw a big blob on a tiny portable machine. Beautiful. The little man is about 3 3/4 lbs.