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The Forgotten Baby: Crime or Mistake?

Baby sleeping in car seat

Like many working mommies, Jane D's mind is on constant overload. One day, she forgot that her 4-week-old baby was still in the car when she went into the store to run an errand -- and her life was changed forever.


Is Stevia the Reason I'm Not Getting Pregnant?!

Stevia Plant

I'm on Day 49 of my cycle. Still no period. I took a pregnancy test and shot an e-mail to my reproductive endocrinologist: "WHAT'S NEXT?!" As I waited for her response, I thought about my life -- what was I doing differently? The only thing I could come up with was that I had quit artificial sweeteners last June, replacing them with ... wait, could this be true?


OMG! 11-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth

11 year old gives birth

An 11-year-old girl in the Northeast recently gave birth to a baby boy. ELEVEN years old!


Baby Born on 'Today' Show

baby brody today show

A baby was born live on the "Today" show this morning. We're not so sure we'd want our C-section broadcast on national television -- but it's one hell of a birth video.


Wishing for a Miscarriage

woman holding pregnancy test
I took a pregnancy test earlier this week, after being seven days late. After the first two minutes, the tiny bit of hope I had been holding onto drained out of me, and I knew what I had anticipated the other evening was true -- negative. No baby for me. Again.


Daddy Is the New Mommy

Father holding her baby daughter

You people are reproducing. To borrow a phrase from "Jersey Shore," you're not just "smooshing," then popping something out nine months later. No, I'm talking more like Gremlins, when you pour water on them. You mommies are reproducing a new version of yourselves -- daddies!


Lily's Mom vs. Blue Cross Blue Shield

lily langford
When my husband and I set out to start a family, I never dreamed my little bundle of joy would come with a $40,000 price tag and a public battle with an insurance company over the definition of "complication of pregnancy."


Mom's Gingivitis Leads to Baby's Death

pregnant woman belly

How scary! There is now proof that gingivitis in pregnant women can be deadly ... for your baby. Our OB/GYN explains the dangers.