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Skip the Lavish First-Birthday Parties!

baby with birthday cake
They say the first birthday is not about the baby turning a year old, but about the parents surviving the first year. Perhaps that's why people are going overboard with first-birthday parties, spending thousands of dollars on a day their baby will never remember.


Notes from Bedrest: One Billion Bottles of Beer on the Wall

One Billion Bottles on the Wall

I moved on a gurney/via ambulance. We sold our house. We were without TV or Internet for waaaaay too long. There has been a lot of stress (some more serious than others) in my life. It has NOT been easy. But here I am. Twenty-eight weeks pregnant. I have been lying down for 60 days.


Go, Boobies! It's World Breastfeeding Week


It's World Breastfeeding Week! Check out some of our top pro-breastfeeding stories, resources and first-person experiences ....


Get Ready for Your Baby!

Preparing for a new baby is a daunting task, so take some time so get things settled a few weeks ahead of time. Here is a handy list of everything you will need.


Mom Gives Birth to "Black and White" Twins

Black and White Twins

The chances of giving birth to a black twin and a white twin are a million to one, yet Britain's Carole Fraser was so certain that her babies would be literally biracial that she called them "Salt" and "Pepper" when they were in the womb.


Notes from Bedrest: Still Defying Gravity

So how is bedrest, you might ask? I'm not going to lie: It's pretty dreadful. My daughter has turned her back on me because I can't pick her up when she's crying. I've become that weird, dreadlocked lady who lives in the bedroom down the hall.


To Drink or Not to Drink While Preggers

pregnant woman

In the United States, complete abstention is the general rule for pregnant women. But that's not true in countries like France, which endorse more lenient policies that suggest a drink a night is just fine.


Home At Last!

red front door

So I'm home, 77 hours post-op (but who's counting?), in bed. Mom and mom-in-law are waiting on me hand and foot and buying me fashionable loungewear. I may even get a bell.