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Bugaboo & (RED): A Stroller with a Cause

natalia vodianova

Supermodel and mother of three Natalia Vodianova is teaming up with Bugaboo and (RED) to promote a stylish stroller that supports a great cause. Be a do-good mom and check it out!


Some Women Could Care Less if They Get Pregnant

As to that age-old question, "Should I have kids?" -- some women simply don't care.


'Real Housewife' Alex McCord: Occasional Glass of Wine During Pregnancy No Biggie

alex mccord

Time to get real with another "Real Housewife"! Over lunch, fellow Brooklynite Alex McCord and I discussed the fine art of raising kids in a big city, how to find balance in a hectic life and why the occasional sip of Burgundy while knocked up is really no biggie.


Why Are More Black Women Dying In Childbirth?

pregnant woman

While America marvels at supermoms like Kate Gosselin and Octomom, new findings from New York City and Amnesty International show that when it comes to giving birth, many Black women aren't so lucky -- and are increasingly dying in childbirth.


It Cost Less Than $2,000 to Have a Baby ... in 1980!


Another blast from the bookshelf past! "Practical Pregnancy" (written back in 1980) is practically useless in 2010 -- unless you use the book to get nostalgic about "fashionable" plaid maternity jumpers ... and the days when hospital rooms were a mere $150 a day.


Jillian Michaels Won't 'Ruin' Body with Pregnancy

jillian michaels

Damn! Talk about body issues! Famed "Biggest Loser" trainer Jillian Michaels works hard for the mon ... er, her body, but says that when it comes to popping out a kid, she won't go there.


Sisterhood of the Traveling Sperm

Sisterhood of the traveling sperms

Carey Goldberg, Beth Jones and Pamela Ferdinand document their journey with eight vials of sperm and the desire to become mothers in the book, "Three Wishes." Was Donor 8282 the answer to their prayers?


Letting Go

Meredith and Ben

"Your son has a translocation on his 16th chromosome, and we don't know what that means." The call came from a genetic "technician" on a Wednesday evening on our home line. I remember holding on to my baby as tight as I could -- as if the technician were trying to come through the phone and take him from me. What did that diagnosis mean? What followed was some of the toughest days of my life ... and then healing.