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Help Your Teen Survive Your Divorce

mom consoling teen about divorce

Parental support from both parents is critical, as long as the other parent is psychologically stable. For a teen, a loss of contact or time can feel like being kicked to the curb.


My, My, My ... Empty Nest Face

couple having tea on a porch

My husband and I are looking forward to reclaiming our space and spending more time together.


Marriage on the Rocks?

couple arguing

With over half of the married population in the U.S. throwing in the towel and heading towards divorce court, what is on the minds of the other half? You know, those who stick it out, survive infidelity, financial crisis, have conflicts over raising children, meddling in-laws, or are just plain sick of each other.


Can't We All Just Get Along?

Barack Obama

The election of President Barack Obama certainly has signified that change has come to America. However, if that is truly the case (and I believe that it is), why isn't America listening?


Take the Marriage Test -- Do You Pass?

couple hugging

Marriage shaky? Take this quiz. Issues like age difference, smoking habits, parents' relationship, and the desire to either have kids or not all influence a marriage by creating potential conflicts.


Shut Up, Sanford!

Gov. Mark Sanford. Jenny Sanford

Enough. Governor Sanford, it is time to listen to your handlers and close your mouth.


Shame On You, BET!

lil wayne and drake on BET awards
The performance of Drake and Lil' Wayne was ridiculous. Debra Lee, the CEO of BET, also the mother of two children, should be asking herself who approved this and how these young girls were allowed to be a part of this "act."


The P Word -- POST-Nup

woman thinking about money
We have all heard of the beautiful soon-to-be bride, who gets to her rehearsal dinner only to be served with a pressure-filled pre-nup. Ouch. Now for all of the money-earnin', or lottery-winning, or even surprise huge inheritance-gaining women, think 'POST-NUP.'