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recession survival guide

Endless Summer ... on the Cheap

a family watching a movie

Wanna keep your kids occupied this summer without spending a chunk of change? Here's how.


Fight the Recession with Our Survival Guide

momlogic recession survival guide

We just love DailyLit. It's a site where you can receive short book installments by e-mail or RSS feed, choose the days and times you want to read, and read on any computer or mobile device (iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.). And now they're offering momlogic readers the Momlogic Recession Survival Guide ... absolutely free!


13 Years of Oprah's Book Club Picks

oprahs book club say you're one of them book cover
We don't know about you, but the end of summer doesn't have to mean the end of adventure and escape.


My Job Search Has Reached a New Low

woman thinking

More desperate than ever, this week I shot out three letters seeking work never before performed. Wasn't there someone who said, "unemployment is the mother of invention", or was it the" root of all evil", the "reason I ate the cake"?


The Four Agreements (of Foreclosure)

The Four Agreements

I recently read "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz, and have found multiple ways to apply his simple principles in my life. Here's how I interpret them when it comes to money.


Mom for Hire: Job Search Diaries

Mom For Hire: Job Search Diaries

I went to an interview today. I was certain they would love me as much as I love me, but they did not.


Every Night This Man Has 120 Dinner Guests

New York Bus Driver Has 120 Dinner Guests -- Every Night
Over the past four years, Jorge Munoz, a bus driver, and his family have prepared an estimated 70,000 dinners for the homeless in his neighborhood in Queens, New York.


Mom Cashes In on Cash for Clunkers

car salesman handing over a set of keys to a woman

I never thought I'd feel so lucky to be driving a new car. Not that I ever take a huge purchase for granted, but my husband and I just bought it last week with the Cash for Clunkers incentive. In the nick of time, since they've barricaded the doors on this deal a lot more quickly than it took to chisel them open.