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recession survival guide

Get Out, Already!

couple out on a date

This might seem like a strange way to save money -- but sometimes you need to stimulate the economy a little.


Movie Night Without Breaking the Bank

Family watching movie

I grew up on movies. Hot summer nights, my parents would take me and my sister to the movies to enjoy the air conditioning not available elsewhere (like our house). Now we are fully climate-controlled, but I still need a regular movie fix. In Southern California, however, movies can top $12 in a theater.


Frugal Father's Day Gifts

son doing laundry for fathers day
If you want to spend only a little cash -- or no cash, with homemade gifts or services -- then there are plenty of ideas for showing Dad how much you love him. None of them involve an ugly tie, either.


What's the REAL Cost of My Kids' Bag Lunch?

mom packing food

I used to always pack my kids' lunches, secure that what I could give them was healthier than what they would get at school and was saving us money, too.


Do Me a Favor

child at a birthday party using party favors

You don't have to go into major debt to have a cute party favor at your next party.


The Recession Hurts Kids

kid sad at school

Kids are feeling the pain of the recession and it's their teachers who are noticing.


Read Me Like a Book

woman reading

I'm not sure what I did before the Internet. I guess I just filled my days churning my own butter and putting up preserves. No, I know what I did. I actually went into stores and interacted with real live people. That sounds better than it was.


99 Cent Store Experiment Complete

Well, we did it. It's been an unusual week. Not only were we eating and shopping differently, but I was writing and taking pictures more often, and we were even on the local news. But we were successful. We shopped, cooked, and ate from the 99 Cent Only Store -- only. How much did we save?