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recession survival guide

Can One Family Survive the 99¢ Store?

Family photo infront of 99 cents store

One mom attempts to feed her family with (healthy?) groceries from the 99 Cent Store for one week.


Five Easy Ways to Stretch Your Meals

woman holding beans

Celeb chef and mom Susannah Locketti gives us five great ways to stretch the family meal -- without sacrificing flavor.


Welcome to "Generation I"

girl holding sign its all about me

Our Moms and the Recession survey found that, in this economy, many moms are making the decision to forego having another child. In fact, 27% of moms ages 25-34 want to have more children but have decided not to, in light of the current economic situation.


No Bankroll? Try Bartering!

credit card bills

So many of the moms we know (us included) feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. How do we continue to provide for our families when many of our household incomes have been cut in half?


Here's How to Survive This Recession

woman reading a book

We've been worrying about the war on terror, but there's a war going on in our own homes, too. The enemy is the economy, and the casualties are our marriages, our children, and our quality of life. Momlogic's Recession Survival Guide will give you the tools you need to win this battle, and shares inventive strategies to help you not only survive, but thrive.


The Recession is Driving Moms to Drink

stressed woman

During times of hardship and financial crisis, moms have historically been the ones keeping the family together. But our survey found that 1 in 3 moms are turning to vices like overeating, drinking, drugs, and gambling to cope. Moms are melting down. Here's how you can deal.


Spend Less than $20 on Your Next Party

kids at a birthday party

Whatever happened to the good old days? When life was simple, cheap, and meals cost a nickel! With the economy caving and people losing their jobs, now is as good a time as any to go back in time and throw your child's next birthday party ... old-school style!


Recession Survival Guide: Husband Lost Job

When your spouse loses his job, it can be very difficult on your relationship. When you are habituated to a certain flow in your family, any change in that family system throws the entire system off. The identity of "who we are" changes, and fears bring out the worst in everyone. Here are eight ways you can help.