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The Permanent Effects of Abuse

Even though he has been charged with beating her, Rihanna has chosen to get back together with beau Chris Brown. But experts warn that the long term effects of domestic violence are real and scary, both for an individual and for a relationship. 


Meet the Pregnant Prostitute

This is Alana Love. She is single, 20 years old, and was seven months pregnant when she moved into the Moonlite Bunny Ranch to work as a prostitute. Why would a mom-to-be have sex for money? Hear her story in her own words.


Having Hotel Sex at Home

For years, sexperts have said the best sex you can have with your partner is at a hotel ... away from the bills and the stress and the clutter of your daily lives. But who can afford a hotel these days? (Or a babysitter, for that matter?!) Here's how to have hotel sex under your own roof.