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101 Ways to Get Toddlers Moving

kids playing hopscotch

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) wants to get your preschooler moving! It's never too early for kids to start exploring and discovering -- which will help them acquire motor skills and increase their physical activity! Check out these 101 tips, which were collected by early-childhood experts.


Why Can't My Toddler Like TV?

Toddler girl
My youngest -- Liv, aged 16 months -- doesn't like television. She prefers roaming, running and exploring the nooks, drawers and cabinets of the house over Elmo or "Baby Einstein." I know, I know: This is supposed to be a good thing. But Mommy needs a break!


Sextuplets Gone Wild on 'Today'

Sextuplets gone wild

Bryan and Jenny Masche, the parents of sextuplets Savannah, Bailey, Grant, Cole, Molli and Blake, appeared on "Today" ... and havoc ensued!


Make Your Own Crayons!

kids playing with colors

Try this super-easy and fun craft with your kids. We swear: You don't have to be Martha Stewart to do it!


Twin Toddlers Drown in Swimming Pool Accident

Angelina and Veronica Andreottola

Two-year-old twins Angelina and Veronica Andreottola drowned at their Massachusetts home over the weekend. Police say they may have fallen into the family pool after they pushed a button to open a retractable pool cover.


23 Children Have Died in Hot Cars So Far This Year

kid sleeping in car seat

So far this year, 23 children have lost their lives in hot cars. Eleven of them were accidentally left in the vehicles by their parents or caregivers, and 12 were playing in cars and tragically got trapped.


'Real Housewives' Kids Rescued from Swimming Pool

Alexi Bellino

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Alexis Bellino's two toddlers rolled into a swimming pool when she left their stroller unattended on July 4th at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, Calif.


Adoption Deception: Toddler Left in Legal Limbo

A Southern California mother is embarking on a heartwrenching legal battle today to maintain custody of a 2-year-old girl she has raised since birth. The fate of little Vanessa rests in the hands of attorneys and family court judges in two states.