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true teacher confessions

Teachers of America, we love you! All year long you have to deal with us (nagging parents) harassing you about the quality of our children's education -- now it's your turn to speak your mind!

We promise, this will be 100% anonymous -- no names will be used.

We would LOVE for you to answer a few questions for us. These questions are an attempt for our mom readers to better understand what it's like to be a teacher, the challenges you face, the realities of our children, so that we can learn how to support the education system better. Some answers will be published but, again, no names or sources will be used.

What grade do you teach?
How many years have you been teaching?
What is the most annoying complaint you hear from parents?
What do you wish you could REALLY tell parents?
What's the worst thing you have seen in a classroom?
What's the biggest challenge facing teachers today?
What could parents do better to support their child's education?
Do parents ever negatively impact a child's education? How so?
What should parents NEVER say to you?
Is your social life impacted because you are a teacher? Can you go out into the community and socialize? Can you join social networks? Etc.
If you are willing to be contacted for follow-up questions, please provide your e-mail address.